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Multifunctional mounting profile specially developed to finish representive rooms as tight and aesthetic as possible while still maintaining all desired functionality and flexibility.


The QuatroPlus® rail is fitted with a universal power rail on which spotlights, lamps and wall sockets can be mounted. Corner and T-solutions are provided, both for the power rail as well as the QuatroPlus® profile. Furthermore, in the QuatroPlus® profile, provisions have been made to enable you to hang curtains, to mount a painting hanging system and to mount point loads by means of a mounting strip. A hole to feed a data cable through is also made in one of the rooms.


The QuatroPlus® profile is an innovation inspired by Kraaijvanger’s design ideas. 



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QuatroPlus® profile

Application The QuatroPlus® profile is mainly used in suspended ceilings. The multifunctional profile can be used in government buildings, museums, hospitals etc.
Size There are various dimensions available
Material aluminium