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Innovative supplier for European museums and the Industry

INNOVATION is written in capitals. This annually results in a number of patents for products developed by Innosell that are, for the most part, produced in-house. A small part is outsourced abroad.



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With this video you can take a small look at what you can expect at Innosell. Our director Jan Matel himself reports about our products and also about our company philosophy.






Industrial market

Innosell has injection-moulding products, extrusion profiles and foam products for the industrial market.

This often involves translating a problem or requirement of the customer into a plastic solution, whether submitted for a patent or not.

No high-flown stories that are not substantiated, but a practical and effective approach is the basis of the successful actualisation.



Leading supplier for museums at home and abroad


During the last decades, Innosell has built up a reputation of being very reliable in the world of museums.

Quality, reliability and attention for the problems of the customers are the most important driving powers that have resulted in a leading position. To Innosell a problem is ‘a packaged solution’.



Apart from the high-quality, specific packaging materials for museums (Museum Art Foam), partly developed in-house and provided with data sheets and test certificates, Innosell delivers Koreder Line painting hanging systems that it imports in Europe, packaging concepts, such as containers and Turtle painting boxes, but also a full range of Magista storage systems.


These Magista storage systems, for example, include painting racks, fixed and moveable cabinets, wide-compartment cabinets, supporting arm racks and customer-specific solutions.

After the take-over of Magista by Van Keulen, a close cooperation has been established between Innosell and Van Keulen, in which the sale of Magista storage systems has become one of the core businesses of Innosell in a number of European countries.

The Magista high-quality product has by now strengthened its top position even further also through innovations.










Mr. Jan Matel