General information injection moulding products


Innosell covers the design, production and logistics of injection moulding products up to 70.5 ounces (2000 gram), including bulk polymers as well as technical plastics such as a.i. PC/ABS/PA/POM/PBT/PET/PEI.


Innosell BV


Melting tanker

Application Mounting steel column to the wall
Size Various steel mounting thicknesses possible
Material POM

Grate for incoming air

Application Grate for incoming air in both residential and commercial construction air heating
Size Grates with various capacities
Material ABS

Anchor rod

Application Positioning of limestone glue elements
Size Client specific
Material Polypropylene

Adjustment wedge

Application For adjusting limestone elements
Size client specific
Material Polystyren mix

Housing air grates

Application Air channels in the housing construction and industrial building
Size client specific
Material Polypropylene (PP)