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Pack and move


The product group “Pack and move” contains our entire range of acid-free MAF packaging material (Museum Art Foam) specifically designed for museums, transport packaging, painting crates, Musetra crates, pallets and containers.



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Museum Art Foam (MAF) is subdivided into foam sheets and film.


FILM products are depicted below:




MAF 020 Articel

Application MAF 020 is a closed cell structure polyethylene foam. Articel has a safe and smooth surface structure and is the best imaginable protection against scratching and bumping. Beside MAF 16221E Tyvek this is the ideal first layer when wrapping up art objects!! Very easy to cut and reap
Size 2 mm; 1000mm x 250m, 2 mm; 1550mm x 250m, 2,5 mm; 1250mm x 200m
Material Acid-free no greased PE, foam with closed cell structure

MAF 16221 E Museum Tyvek

Application Our Museum Tyvek MAF 16221 E for the packing and prolonged storage of artworks, it is the safest and therefore the ideal material as a first packaging layer. It is strong, moist resistant, acid-free, is durable and allows items to breathe.
Size length 40 m per role, width 152.4 cm.
Material PE-material (UV-resistant)

MAF 80-020 Artinopfoam

Application Our MAF 80-020 is a combination of bubble wrap with a 1 mm thick PE layer on the inside, preventing direct contact between the bubble wrap and artwork and offering effective protection.
Size 1000 mm x 100 m, 1500 mm x 100 m, 2000 mm x 75 m
Material polyethylene (PE)

MAF 8016 ZZ Artinop

Application MAF 8016 ZZ Artinop is an air polyethylene bubble film fitted with air filled bubbles. An additional polyamide layer ensures optimal quality. Artinop protects the item to be packed against shocks, bumps and damage. Acid-free polyethylene bubble wrap provides a minor and momentary shock absorbing effect, to be used for the rapid transport of paintings for example.
Size 1500 mm x 100 m; bubble height: 4 mm 10 mm
Material polyethylene (PE)



FOAM SHEETS are depicted below:





MAF 151

Application Acid-free plastazote PE material. MAF 241 and MAF 151 are similar material, however MAF 151 has a lower density and is therefore somewhat more imprintable. Particularly suitable for wrapping of art objects. Color: white and black
Size 2000 x 1000 mm; thickness 25 en 50 mm
Material polyethylene (PE)

MAF 17701 Neopolen (no longer available, alternative MAF 301-L)

Application This PE material is mostly used as shock absorption padding and because of the reasonable insulation value also for thermal insulation.
Size 2000 x 1000 mm, thickness 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 mm
Material polyethylene (PE)

MAF 241

Application Acid-free plastazote PE material. MAF 241 and MAF 151 are similar material, but MAF 241 has a higher density. Particularly suitable for wrapping of art objects and for using in storage (shelves and cabinets). Color: white and black
Size 2000 x 1000 mm; thickness 3, 4.5, 9, 14, 25, 48 mm
Material polyethylene (PE)

MAF 301

Application Standard density is 35 kg/m, heavier duty qualities are also available. The ideal is acid-free, rapidly cut to measure foam for spatial products. Provides excellent support and therefore good shock absorption. Combined with various other MAF products, it is the ideal base for transport crates. Color: white and black
Size 2750 x 600 mm.Standard thickness are obtained in 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 en 100 mm
Material PE-material

MAF 3010E

Application In addition to the 33 kg/m density, MAF 3010E is available in many qualities and is delivered in a grey colour as standard. Our MAF 3010E is virtually acid-free.
Size 2000 x 1000 mm. Thickness 10, 20, 30 en 40 mm.
Material Polyether

MAF 8010 Recyfoam

Application Shock proof due to its relatively higher weight, MAF 8010 is ideally suited for the fast, temporary packing and transporting of artwork. It is advised that you first pack the work of art in a layer of Articel.
Size 2000 x 1000 mm. Thickness 40 mm
Material Recycled polyetherfoam

MAF 'Coin foam'

Application Acid-free coin foam is ideal for storing your coin collection. MAF coin foam is ideal for lining the drawers used to store your coin collection.
Size Available in a maximum thickness of 40 mm and maximum dimensions of 2000 x 1000 mm
Material acid- and emission-free foam (MAF 241 black)


Application a suitable choice to place paintings, short-lived or possibly for a longer term, on a standblock is our MAF 3010E with a layer MAF 241.
Size client specific
Material polyether with a layer of plastazote


Innosell has developed connectors especially for the foam products.










Application Innosell has specially developed a number of foam connectors for museums through which several MAF foams can simply be linked to each other. The use of (detrimental) glue is then superfluous.
Material nylon plastic


Turtle, Musetra - specially for the transport 











Application For the transportation of very precious paintings of Dutch and foreign masters, we produce special Turtle Transport cases for the company Hizkia van Kralingen in which the paintings are fixed and transported under shock-proof conditions. For more information:
Size variouw dimensions
Material client specific

Musetra crates en pallets

Application For moving or temporarily relocating your collection, you can make use of the Musetra products. These comprise of containers (possibly fitted with a lid and can be foldable), pallets and crate dollies.
Size various dimensions
Material plastic possibly covered with acid- and emission-free foam

Musetra crate with paintings

Application The storage of smaller paintings is fitted with vibration dampers
Size client specific
Material client specific






Open container with opening shelf

Application The Rhinos container is used amongst other things for transportation and storage of expensive three-dimensional art objects. Measurement is flexible, migration is possible with pallet trailer or fork-lift truck. Takes very little space in folded situation